LUMA LAW, Johannesburg.

I am an enthusiastic, LLB graduate and  LLM graduate, under the programme Extractive Industries Law in Africa awarded from the University of Pretoria. My interest lies within the oil, gas and mining sector. I have a business acumen, with sound theoretical knowledge on the extractive industry. The masters programme included topics such as mining investments, project finance, aspects of land access and use, mining and petroleum models, environmental and social challenges with respect to the extractive sector.

I was a part of 10 member legal research team under Africa Legal Support Facility under the project Africa Mining Legislation  Atlas.  The  objective of the project is to support African countries to maximise on their mineral resource benefits by promoting transparency within the mining industry, researching, mobilising and implementing meaningful mining policies and regulations in Africa. I have an interest in community development and therefore, my research focused on the investigation into the role of law in managing community engagements between mining companies, government and community. I believe in business growth and value addition within a country or organization.

I am currently working with Minerals Africa Development Institute under the Department of Industry Value Addition and Beneficiation, ASM, Women and Youth, and Blue Economy.